Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Iniciative Colectiva.

I was very excited to find this email in my inbox this morning!


Hello Sarah!

My name is Nicole and I am the Creative Director for Iniciativa Colectiva, an online magazine for artists, by artists.

Iniciativa Colectiva started just last year and we are a growing publication. We want to showcase the best of the best within all fields of design and photography.

We are working toward organizing an exhibition at Miami's Design District with the year's best pices submitted to the magazine and before doing anything we will ask the artists who are chosen to participate and if chosen, to send either a print of their work, if possible.
If not, we will print the piece at a low price but hope to get sponsors to cover the printings.

Also, we are researching to have the magazine published in a book form so we can have the magazine as a hardcopy for people to buy soon.

Again, the magazine is solely to showcase the artists work so all copyrights will remain with the artist. We hope this event will generate a buzz and a following as well as generate a buzz with the artists chosen.

Please check out the website as we are approaching the deadline for the May issue this April 20th.

Submissions are now open for all in the disciplines of digital art, illustration, fine arts, fashion, graphic design, photography and anything that may interest you .

Take a look at our previous issues to see the kind of work we are looking for.

Please spread the word and participate in our project!

Thank you and keep up the good work and on the lookout for great things to come.

Nicole Andujar
Creative Director

Iniciativa Colectiva

The deadline is April 20th.
I already have 7 commissions I'm working on.
And last night I designed an entire new series I am eager to start.
But my GOODNESS am I excited to enter this funky little competition!
So my thinking cap is on.
Perhaps I will even start my new series and select a work from *that* to submit.
For I am ever inspired.
If it wouldn't spill the magic I would say more.
As it is, just know that I am pumped.

*runs off to work on stuff*

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Sherazade96 said...

I vote for you painting a self-portrait of you at the pretty mountain in NZ.