Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today I am trying to make 10 small canvases so I can do 10 small pieces to hang in a coffeeshop in town.
Christmas can be a brilliant time for artists but only if their work is out there...mine currently isn't (yikes).
So I'm going to bust butt and try to get these 10 pieces down in the next week.
I'm currently struggling with subject matter or theme but I'll worry about htat *as* I'm cutting and prepping the boards.

As I wrote to a friend in email:

"I'm going to make 10 canvases which - at four sides - is 40 pieces of wood. Not *including* the masonite pieces which will *also* have four sides each. So that's 80 sides of wood to cut @ a cut and a half per piece."

Oooh, eerr.
*gets cracking*

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