Sunday, November 18, 2007


Speaking of stereotypes...

I crave cigarettes.
I do.
I'm not a smoker but I crave them in every way.
I crave the smell of them.
I crave them in stressful moments.
I crave them in dark alleyways when I step out of the pub.
I *even* crave them as an 'artist'.

The petrol station down the road sells candy cigrarettes.
I know, I've seen them.

I propose this to myself.
I propose that I have a candy cigarette, three times a day, until the cravings go away.
Silly, silly.
I should even wear a beret.
And a fake moustache.
And carry my easel around.

But nevertheless...

*puts on raincoat*
*toddles off to the petrol station*

It's better than lung cancer and feeds into my wonk.

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