Monday, November 12, 2007

Perfect Circle.

Somebody did something special for me today.
Something that made my jaw drop to the ground.
I am going to do something amazing for them in return, I swear it, but in the meantime I could only think to send them this (exactly how I feel)

And then I marvelled. Because the clip is so beautiful and I had never seen it before (I only knew the song and how perfectly it fit this situation). And I marvelled again because last week I decided my series of 10 8x8's will be 'circus' pieces. And this video is perfect for that. And some of Merchant's other videos, too. And I just thought....what a perfect circle. How perfectly my generous friend completed this circuit.

I started with poverty and the idea of circus life. I lost it with stress, distraction and anxiety. She stepped in with generousity and love. And it brought me right back to the circus. flickers, you know?
Sunshine through the tree leaves.
Wolves racing in the night.

1 comment:

Liesl said...

That is gorgeous.
If my brother wasn't so violently opposed to YouTube, I'd send it to him. He was just a Pierrot for Halloween.