Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I love my siblings.
I do.

You can hit by brother on the head with a newspaper and and he won't say anything.
Two times. Three times! Three times you can hit him and then he'll say hello. But he will never tell you who his girlfriend is.
He taught me the person who got the ice-cream out has to put it away. Unless that person was him, in which case the last person to touch it has to put it away.

My eldest sister knows everybody's birthday and anniversarys. Even the people she hasn't met yet. And she tells the *cutest* jokes you ever will find, so cute that you'll smile even if you don't want to.
She taught me my left from right in our little bitty bathroom and how to eat my carrots (so that I could leave the table each night)

My other sister will tear your head off if you even look in her direction with a newspaper. And then she'll love you so much she'll tattoo you on her body. She'll give you enough street smarts to have you walking through three lifetimes.
She taught me that all the highlighters in the world wouldn't get me through school c. She was right, they didn't. She did.

If the internet weren't so lame I'd post a photo of my beautiful siblings.
But the internet is kinda lame.
So you'll just have to imagine how great they all are.
Oh and imagine pink polka dot bows on their heads! Because I think that will make them mad.


Heather said...

I would love to meet your family. They sound like people I know and already love. They would fit perfectly in my little kettle of people I am thankful for. Besides that, you're already floating around in there. They need to jump on in instead of just getting there toes wet.

Kay said...

Yep they're all pretty cool... all four of them!!!

But they're not my siblings... guess that means I can be objective, huh?

And the verdict is... they are awesome!