Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Much Less

I'm much less of a cranky pants today.
I swear it to be true.
The year is coming to an end...no time to be grumpy.

I got up and had a fabulous run at the park with my buddy.
Then I came home and cut up 10 panels.
And epoxied them.
Now I am sawing new wood and making a new canvas for a surprise gift for my friend (and his wife) when he gets back from Egypt.
I plan on finishing a piece I started last week today.
I plan on sanding/priming 9 little canvases.
I plan on drawing up two gifts.
And I'm about to step out and go to the health food store.

Much less cranky.

Plus a beautiful woman was super-duper nice to me.
And I smell like Japanese Cherry Blossom.

you know.
What could be wrong?


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