Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Positive Affirmation

All the things I've liked to deny because they were either too trendy or too daggy, I own now. Like positive affirmation. I believe in the beautiful things, like crystal formations in water and breathing the word 'love' into your bloodstream. It makes sense. The beautiful things make sense. Stretching makes sense.
Likewise I believe in mind over matter and reading positive affirmations out of the corner of your eye.
Which is why today I will be doctoring up my studio with the beautiful things. The things *I* love and then the things that make the words 'Tomorrow Will Be Stellar" painted on my door.

Daggy, yes.

I'm not too afraid to own it.
To recycle.
To make sure I'm getting enough protein.
To sing in public.
To stroke Buddha's head and to cross my chest.

These things, these things, these inners we shout down...well, today I shout them up.
And out.

Because I love you I whisper into you while you sleep.
And I hang flowers from the ceiling for you to wake by.

Tomorrow shall be stellar.
And just makes me smile.
Goofy, loopy grins.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yes, yes. Tomorrow SHALL be stellar!! I just know it!