Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spencer Tunick, Take A Bow

About a week ago I watched 'Naked States' - a documentary on Spencer Tunick and his art project (photographing nudes across America). This morning I watched 'Naked World' - a documentary on Tunick photographing nudes across the world.

Both of the films - well, I adored them.

The second I adored even moreso than the first and I encourage my friends and fellow artists to watch both.

There was a point in 'Naked World' that made me want to cry. In Australia, when Tunick is up on the ladder and realises how many people are coming up behind him. Perfect. So perfect. I think as an artist I just got the importance of that moment. And when people respond to your work like that it's not just about justification of your craft but just about *how many* people you've reached. He must have felt amazing.

Also in 'Naked World' I think it kicked arse that he saved his girlfriend for Antartica. What an absolute honour.

Anyway, I say go rent and watch both.
And be inspired.

For Spencer Tunick's official site, click here.
For the unofficial site, click here.
For 'Naked States', click here.
For 'Naked World', click here.

With love,

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