Monday, January 14, 2008

5 Years Ago

5 years ago today I flew into a snowstorm in New York City. I jumped off the plane with an Australian I had befriended. We hung around baggage claim for a bit and then nervously made our way out into 'America'.
I was supposed to be meeting Brennen in the airport. I *loathe* people seeing me first. I always tell people I won't be standing around looking for you, I'll be making a beeline to a bookstore or a coffeestore or to an anything-store that doesn't leave me standing in a crowd looking foolish.
I remember saying goodbye to the Australian as we exchanged numbers and he ran off to find a cab. I remember backing into somebody as I tried to turn my heavy bag around. Of course when you bump into anybody the first thing you do is apologise. I turned a bit and saw a brown leather jacket - I thought to turn and apologise but I knew Brennen was around somewhere and I didn't want to look like a klutzy dork. So I made like nothing had happened and beelined straight to the nearest corner I could find...somewhere where I could half hide and half seek.
It wasn't long before Brennen was there. We sat for a long time on that cold, cold airport floor. 4 hours? Eventually we hailed a cab, suffered through the subway, sat on a bus for a couple of hours and then hiked it down some Philadelphian streets until we found the apartment we were staying at.
Later that night, many many hours and conversations and everythings later, something occurred to me.
"Hey" I say. "Were you wearing a brown leather jacket tonight?"
"Yes" He says.
"Did I bump into you before we met?!?" I ask.
"Yes" he says, grinning.

For shame!
I laugh.
And I apologise.
And thus begins 5 crazy, crazy years with Sarah. blip blip


Kay said...

Happy, happy anniversary...

Kay said...

Forgot to say... I really love the photographs. Real artists, both of you.