Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ridiculous Food

Ridiculous food makes me happy.
It always has.
Crazy coloured food and food that looks more cartoon than it does edible.
I remember walking home from school I would always stop at the dairy and buy the most hideous coloured pieces of bubblegum, five cents a pop (forgive the pun), in a dusty jar on the very back shelf.
Even better when the seller used his filthy hands to get the pieces out.
And then...anything that looks dangerous; bright green popcorn, for example, I'm on it.

So imagine my delight when I found these at the supermarket!

I dropped to my knees and starting praising Jesus (and because I live in Alabama, five other people dropped to their knees and joined in)

Anyway, terrible news, they have gelatine so I can't eat them.
They shall make horrifically brilliant gifts for some people I know.

Rock on Mexican Crazy!
You brighten this bleak, grey day.

Tomorrow I drop confetti-marshamllow-alien crackers on the doorsteps of many loved ones.

1 comment:

colours said...

what are they? marshamallows??

You can buy marshmallow kebabs at my local target - damn they're good! They even have pieces of red licourice twirled on the stick to resemble capsicum or meat...or something! :)