Friday, January 11, 2008

Paintable Girls & Boys

Remember earlier I wrote that I need a t-shirt which reads "I am a painter, not a pervert'? Well, it still holds true. Except perhaps I need a bag which reads that, so I can carry it everyday.

Yesterday whilst out at a restaraunt I was swamped with paintable people. Every person, at every table, was paintable. In fact, every little *thing* about every person was paintable. I couldn't help but stare at and study everyone. If someone glanced my way I just passed my gaze to someone else. Sucked them all in. My head was spinning.


Wouldn't it be nice if we had the time to paint every person that we passed on the street?

Anyway the song 'Breakable' by Ingrid Michaelson stuck in my head. Only instead of 'breakable' 'paintable' became the word I sang.

And I sing it still.

Paintable Girls & Boys.

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Heather said...

How odd. I was at the bank today and was thinking the same thing. The bank tellers were some of the most cartoonish people I had ever seen. The one guy reminded me of a caveman. Seriously, very neanderthal. Flat head and everything. Each of the six tellers were just very animated looking people. I was really wishing I had a camera. It was a very bizaar moment.