Thursday, January 10, 2008

Give Me An Inch! (& I'll take a mile)

Yesterday during my morning workout I felt very drained - which is unusual for me. Later that day I had intense pain in my legs, like the pain I would get when I was little. My mother always said they were growing pains. Please! God! Give me an inch (wouldn't that be marvellous if I suddenly grew an inch or two?)
Anyway this morning I woke very drained as well. I slept in until 7. I lay in bed watching tv until 10. Then I fell asleep. I reluctantly got up and went into town around 11. When I got back home - maybe around 1 - I fell asleep again. I slept until 6 pm. Now it is nearly seven and I had to get up to make dinner for boy. But I'm still drained.

I wouldn't have taken a day off except boy told me to. And I think - wow. I really must have needed it. On top of a good night's sleep I slept 9 hours today!

I was going to make some frames and do some sketches (despite my day off) but I think, perhaps, I'm just going to go back to bed and watch some telly.

Law & Order, HEAR ME ROAR.

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