Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Grand news! My mother is destroying her kitchen to make herself a studio. Huzzah!

I have been procrastinating with my work of late (my saw blade is blunt and I need to cut several pieces of wood...*sigh*) but reading about her new studio has inspired me to get moving today. I need to redecorate my own studio (I have some Klimt to put up!) and I think I shall burn some incense (which always gets me creative) and blast some music while I sort things. And cut the blasted wood. And then glue, sand, prime and paint.


Studios all over the world unite!
Another of you is being born!
And from it a thousand new worlds shall spring forth.

Oh, giddy grin.

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Kay said...

Nearly there... apart from a box of assorted olive oils and vinegars on the floor and some very pretty jars of lentils and chick peas and barley and pastas lining the bookshelf, you wouldn't know it was once a kitchen.

I am now the proud owner of a studio that comes complete with kettle, toaster, fridge and (tucked into the corner for now) gas oven.

Would you have guessed that all the pots and pans could fit into the oven, and all the cooking things fit into plastic boxes under the plastic table that is somewhere under the paper and canvases?

Now to get some pin-board to stick things on, turn up the music, and start! The paints are really enjoying being spread out in palette order on the shelves that once housed baking ingredients... the problem is going to be which ones to use first! Maybe I'll go back into oil for a bit... but the watercolours are feeling neglected... and I bought all that wonderful paper in September...

Oooohh, will have to sleep on that one. Oil to start with, I need to be energetic, fully involved. Oils give the total package, and the house will smell like a studio at last. Acrylics don't quite give me what I need at this moment. The watercolours can be for a quieter time...