Saturday, January 12, 2008

It was *supposed* to be brown

T'was supposed to be brunette.

Comments, comments, comments.
Always I got comments on my hair when it was bright or funky.
Nonstop, everytime I went out.
Sometimes I would smile.
Always someone loved it.
Last night in fact, when I stood in line with my *dark brown *cough* hairdye, two girls told me how great my pink hair was.

It's time to draw in.
Or it was supposed to be time to draw in.
To smile at the world but shut my curtains.
To haul rapunzels braids up.
To shut the window on my ivory tower.
It was time to retreat for a bit and just...
hang out inside of myself.
Inside of the earth.
Inside of the womb, away from the rest.

So brown was it.
To darken the edges and match the soil.

I ended up - somewhat - with crimson.

Maybe take two will be better?


Kay said...

I like crimson. When you went brown once before I didn't recognise you when you came off the plane.

Your eyes are very blue. Very.


colours said...

it's still gorgeous! And hey - you can always go back to pink if you want - I wish I had the courage to die my hair pink hehehe!

PS - I love your eyes!!!!!

colours said...

they're so blue - I can't believe it!!

I want!

Lyvvie said...

You make me melt. You have the most beautiful blue eyes ever, ever, ever. I know the heart and soul are even beautifuller. Ayup. The hair colour suits you.