Monday, February 25, 2008


I think, if I'm cremated, the air shall fill with nga champa and rose. Jasmine and lotus. Pine and sandal.

And, not out of vanity but rather out of beauty, I like to think the winds shall carry me over valleys and rivers and fields.

And that one person out there, walking in the world, will be moved to create something beautiful.

With ashes in their hair.


Kay said...

here they would say that something is changing in your life, for you to write that.

maybe the exhibition will be the start of something, or maybe the writing already was...

Liesl said...

I'm reminded of some pictures my brother send me a while back, of Hindu ascetics who cover themselves with crematory ashes.
I still have them on my computer...





(I think I remember him saying they also tie bricks on there penises. But that's beside the point...)

i lurk, you know.