Saturday, February 9, 2008

Disturbing Video

So my new series is 'Camouflage' - work illustrating mankind imitating/dressing-up-as the animals that camouflage or mimic for survival and protection. Mostly women, at this point.

Today I planned on tackling 'Octopus' and 'Snake'.
When browsing through octopus images I came across a video titled 'Octopus Eats Shark' My first reaction was to breathe "awesome" so I eagerly clicked on it. But...instead of being this great video where nature was all a-roar and screaming at each other it was just sad. To see this shark swimming happily and then BAM.

I guess, at first glance, I wanted the underdog to win. You know...the shark is supposed to be the 'baddy' and to be taken out by an octopus was supposed to be somewhat marvellous. But it wasn't marvellous at all. I just saw the octopus as a bad guy, too. So instead of it being 'the good guy wins' it was 'dog-eat-dog'.

And I suppose I'm just not in the mood for that today.

So...octopus...kudos to you for secretly stealing and killing all the sharks in the aquarium and completely confusing the workers with their disappearances. But really? Guys? Can't we all play nice in this stinky old fish tank?


It really gets kinda nasty in here, where we have to float around in each others crap. Can we possibly avoid attacking each other about it if we can?

*runs off to paint octopus*

aforementioned video


colours said...

octopuses are creepy little f*ckers!!

I'm scared to all hell of them!! And things with more then four legs in spiders and creepy crawlies!

Kay said...

ooouch! That wasn't cute! I love what you wrote about it though. Next time we go through kelly Talton's I will look at the sharks with much more sympathetic eyes!

I'm not sure I really wanted my idea of octopuses changed though


(I am sure many moons ago the plural of octopus was octopi...? Maybe it's a choice thing now).

Liesl said...

(I always say octopi.)

You know, I always picture Victorian Dandies(+) (Dandys, Dandi?) done up like the Birds of Paradise. (+ and +)

If you ever get a chance to see Planet Earth, I recommend it. Phenomenal footage of those feathered friends.