Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exquisite Models

I found the most exquisite models today.

You're sitting there, your eyes are dry from the computer screen, posture has long since slumped and your back is killing you. Your index finger hurts from the continual 'click, click' on the mouse. You've exhausted your music collection. You're hungry but stuck. Your butt is numb. You've trodden through 600+ photos of angsty teenage emo kids with fake blood and black clothing, or drunken pagan renaissance fans waving sage and swords, and then...


There she is.
There he is.
There *it* is.

The one photo that erases all you've sat through.
The one photo which is exactly the look, exactly the feel, exactly the everything you've been looking for.
What you're going through or what you want to go through.
What you want to paint.

So you smile.
You say 'Happy Early Valentines, My Darling Sarah'
You stretch, you creak, you groan, you sigh contentedly.
You hit save.
And you wander over to the window to absorb some light, before heading back to work.

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