Friday, February 22, 2008



I have only -roughly - 5 days to finish my pieces.
I would like to do at least two more.
I've decided not to use three of the collection.
The following two pieces will both be larger...and one will be personal.
A self-portrait, I think.
If all of my creatures are changing and evolving I think it's time I do too, letting go of things in the past that have only been sources of pain.
But personal works mess with my head and take longer.
And larger works in general take longer.
And I will need to build frames, which takes at least a day.
And I only have five days.
And oh, and oh, and...

At any rate.
I love some of the pieces I've already done.

*stumbles off to figure out composition and life*


Lyvvie said...

If you figure out life, give me a call!

Sarah said...

My dad always said life is a magazine costing 10 cents.
And I think he may have been right.

Kingshuk said...

its so sweeeeet..