Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scheduling Difficulties

I have started painting later and later into the night. And that's okay - I love working late at night. However I get up at 5 each morning to workout with a friend. And the painting/working out is killing me.

I'm not sure what to do.
My friend and I workout at that time to work around our individual homelives. And I'm 100% happy with that.

But...I'm thinking, as a result, maybe I should just stay up all night, workout in the morning, and then sleep during the day.

Which is a little bit ass.
I'm not a bat.
I'd prefer not to do that.

We do what we can, no?
For our art?

*rubs sleepy eyes*

I need caffeine.
I need coke. Every kind.
And I need to find a way to pull my sh*t together.

How can it already be 9pm?
I've got about eight hours of painting to do before I can call it a day.
And I've been working all bloody morning.


1 comment:

Kay said...

oooh I know that so well...

there is no good answer.... I just schedule in occasional crash days, and don't feel guilty when they happen. But now my crash days go longer... so when one comes I decide when I am getting started again so I can enjoy the crash too. I build in treats... like reading, just because I love it, instead of studying or fretting about not working...

and then at the end of the crash I go visit a friend, get back into nature, absorb some sunshine and get grounded...

put on the music and it's all good again.

(PS ...and only really healthy vege soup and things like that are allowed in a crash time because I eat too much chocolate, drink too much coffee, before I crash).