Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Go Round & Round & Round (with a grin!)

I am ridiculously excited.
With the transition of things.
Originally this series was going to be about camouflage. That changed to being about transitions. Which in turn changed to being about emerging.

Now, when deciding on my centrepiece, I took it a step further. I was planning on doing a self-portrait but I took it a step out of shedding skins and hatching eggs and was going to paint me as an artist, emerging from my work.

This also kind of tied in with an idea I had had earlier about artists morphing into their tools and instruments (writers, musicians, painters, etc). But, come to find, I like the idea of the artisans emerging from their tools rather than morphing with. I don't want to use my self portrait as a centrepiece for this show but rather as a centrepiece for my next body of work - which shall be the artisan theme.

Around and round and round we go.

So now I am back to square one on deciding on my centrepiece for my nature series but I am leaps and bounds ahead of my next show, which is tingling in all of my body.

I am very excited. I am going to make frames today, model search, try and find a new piece for this showing in March, and then compose for my next body of work.

I am tired.
And this year has been bloody awful.
But...for some reason I love it.
I just can't scream about 2008 yet.
I am filled and brimming with hope and magic.
If I were to step outside of myself I would logically look over and say 'you should be screaming'
But rather, I'm on the inside, beaming.

This series I'm finishing up (I've painted 11 paintings this month) this series I'm dreaming of (which fits with my skin) and my writing projects on the side...

I feel like I'm finally breaking free.


Kay said...

Thank you for the magic dust you sprinkle as you twirl, or is it the sunlight glinting off the glitter? Whatever it is, thanks heaps!

Hope said...

In order for a phoenix to rise, resplendent in rebirth, magic, and power, she must first have been reduced to ashes and cinder.

Thus has been 2008 - beginning in ash and destruction . . . and now is time for us to rise up, brimful of magic and future.